Technical specifications

Multirotor unmanned
aerial device
Version : Octo (8-mio wirnikowa)



Versatile drone with configurable engine capacity

Selected parameters

*in windless conditions and without additional load

Operating time

to 1h 17min*

Pojemność akumulatorów

to 52 Ah

Load capacity

up to 5 kg

Basic technical specifications

  • Eight-rotor electric flying device
  • Weight of the system ready for flight : 4.7 kg (without the head)
  • Operating voltage : 21 V
  • Total battery capacity: 23.2 Ah, 46.4 Ah or 52 Ah.
  • 8 sets of batteries (under each engine)
  • High stability during the flight even with strong gusts of wind
  • Simple and intuitive replacement of batteries
  • The landing gear system allows the device to land even on a surface inclined up to 30 degrees from the ground level
  • The landing gear provides effective cushioning at increased landing speeds

Loads weighing up to 5kg can be attached

The flying device can be equipped with additional sets of batteries with 2.15 kg total weight of one set


Arms can be folded for transport

Distance between engines: 1244 mm

The distance between the ends of rotor blades working: 1676 mm

Height (with the landing gear): 270 mm

Table of flight times in various configurations in windless conditions

Weight attached [g] Capacity package Ah/engine
2,9 Ah 5,8 Ah 6,8 Ah
without weight attached 50 min 1 h 8 min 1 h 17 min
1200 37 min 55 min 1 h
2500 29 min 45 min 50 min
3500 24 min 38 min -
5000 17 min 28 min -
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