Technical specifications

Multirotor unmanned
aerial device
Version : Hexa (6-rotor)



Loads weighing up to 7.5 kg can be attached

Selected parameters

*in windless conditions and without additional load

Operating time

up to 2h 16min*


on a surface inclined up to 30 degrees

Load capacity

up to 7.5 kg

Basic technical specifications

  • Six propeller flying unit
  • Ready for flight weight : 8,2 kg (without observation head)
  • Payload up to 7,5 kg
  • Working voltage : 25,2 V
  • Amount battery capacity: 57,6 Ah.
  • Six sets of battery packs (one for each motor)
  • Distance between motors : 1632 mm
  • External diameter : 2394 mm
  • height : 348 mm (with landing gear)
  • Folding arms system easy for transport
  • high flight stabilisation accuracy even at very strong wind
  • Fast and easy battery changing
  • Option with equipped second set of battery packs with total weight of 5,8 kg
  • Landing gear allow to land on angeled even to 30º areas
  • Landing gear system guarantee effective damping with increased landing speed

Loads weighing up to 7.5 kg can be attached

The flying device can be equipped with additional sets of batteries with 5.8 kg total weight of one set

Basic set with observation head ( day and thermovision)

  1. 1. Flying platform

  2. 2. Observation head

    with set of cameras automation positoning system

  3. 3. Direction antenna

    long range up to 5km

  4. 4. Set of battery


  5. 5. Steering console


  6. 6. Observation console



Arms can be folded for transport

Distance between engines: 1632 mm

External diameter: 2394 mm

Height (with the landing gear): 348 mm

Approximate flight times in windless conditions

Weight attached [g] Capacity package 9.6 Ah/engine
without weight attached 2 h 16 min
2500g 1 h 38 min
7500g 1 h
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