Euro-Projekt Spółka z o.o.  has been operating on the market since 1999. We specialise in preparation and organisation of investment processes starting from defining the project assumptions and the implementation structure through managing funds, to implementing the project. We work as commissioned by landowners and investors and we acquire land for residential and commercial investments.

The main EURO-PROJEKT sp. o.o. business is comprehensive real estate service. In the projects we organise, we act as an investor or co-investor. As a licensed property manager, Euro-Projekt sp. o.o. offers real estate management and administration services, both commercial and residential. The scope of our business also includes licensed services in the area of personal and property protection.

As a result of specialist design and research works, the Company designed and produced an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV-UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE), i.e. a multi-rotor flying device. This flying device was covered by patent protection by Euro-Projekt sp. o.o.

What we offer:

  • comprehensive real estate services,
  • preparation and organisation of investment processes,
  • design services,
  • property management and administration services,
  • rental of residential buildings, residential and commercial premises
    owned by Euro - Projekt sp. z o.o.,
  • sale of residential and commercial premises - primary market development investments,
  • rental of advertising billboards,
  • persons and property protection services,
  • as a manufacturer of multi-rotor flying devices being part of the unmanned aerial vehicles, we sell equipment that is used, among others, for:
    • observation of selected areas and identification of threats
    • filming and taking photos from the air,
    • construction and assembly work,
    • police, military and other purposes

Szlak twierdzy Kraków [Krakow Stronghold Trail]
Fort 47 Łysa Góra Węgrzce

It was built as one of the first artillery forts of the Krakow Stronghold in 1872-1885/88. Originally, it was built as a semi-permanent fort (until about 1876) and then, it was rebuilt into a permanent work, completed in 1885 or 1888 according to various sources. FORT 47 is not a typical artillery fort of the Austrian school. It is a relatively early work, with considerable influence from the German school. It consists of several basic units: barracks at the gorge of the fort, central casemate block, two subwall blocks, artillery wall. The whole construction is surrounded by a moat protected by caponiers well-communicated with the interior of the fort by underground tunnels, i.e. posterns. The fort was not involved in the battles during the First World War. The battles took place on its further foreground, outside the range of its cannons. However, it was fully armed and brought to full combat readiness.

In the interwar period, it served the Polish Army as barracks, and after the Second World War, as barracks and a warehouse building. During this time, a series of changes and secondary transformations took place. during the postwar years, the destroyed complex of the fort, was masked by the nature with its rich flora, which spontaneously supplemented the originally planted greenery that masked the installations. All this led to the creation of a magical enclave, full of charm and unique atmosphere. As the owner of the fortress complex, Euro-Projekt spółka z o.o. is currently carrying out research, design and revitalisation works aimed to develop the real estate that covers the area of 5.1306 ha in accordance with the guidelines of the Małopolska Conservation Officer. Due to the work carried out, the OBJECT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR VISITORS.

New technologies


VIMANA is a multi-rotor flying device being part of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle) in the Quadrocopter, Optakopter, and Hexakopter versions.

The device was designed for patrolling; in particular, for patrolling forest and uninhabited areas, for carrying items and postal items, for construction and assembly works; it can also be used for police and military purposes.

Multi-rotor flying devices with dedicated equipment (optical sensors, contamination sensors, daylight or thermal imaging cameras) can be used to observe and identify different types of risk.


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